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Fall’s Finest




Fall 2013 is all about the BOLD colors, denim fabrics and CUTE DRESSES!! Turn any dress into a fabulous fall trend.  Add a pop of color with a fun scarf, or warm leggings for a cute and fun look.  Or throw on your favorite pair of heels, a statement necklace for more of a classy and elegant look.  There are SO many ways to wear your favorite dress this season.  SexyModest Boutique has every dress and accessory you are looking for the 2013 Fall trends!


To the best dress ever

Modest Maxi Dress

I love maxi dresses, They are soooooo Forgiving to the body. So of course i will have a nice wardrobe of max dresses, But out of all of them I Love this dress the best because it drapes so nicely on my body for having a baby 5 weeks ago. The blend is a jersey blend so it has a nice stretch to it giving me comfort and flattering. It kinda has a Dolman feel to it on the upper top of the dress which makes it so comfy and roomy.

  modest fashionstyling

These Sleeves! These are the kind of sleeves i love. they are roomy for this Momma to pick up kids, lift my arms high up in the air “like i just don’t care” ha! and move around in them without feeling limited.


I am loving this statement necklace right now. the colors are so fall-ish and i just love that it has a glass effect with the bulky chain. I like how it goes with this dress adding that punch of color to it. I think it staples it together.

Statement necklace

Yes, Leather Leggings!

 fashion stylist blog

It sure is hard to get out of your comfort zone and try new things and this was one of them. So Ladies, Yes, I did it. I am Wearing LEATHER Leggings. This is actually out of my comfort zone but can tell you i am converted. They actually look good on me and i Love it! They are so much fun and go with really anything! I can’t wait to wear these leggings with a chambray shirt and tunic tops! You can have so much fun with these, I know i will!


Fall Boots

modest fashion

This Jacket is Motorcycle Inspired so it has the fun patches and zipper details which i love for the look i am going for. It’s also pretty warm because of the material for this Utah weather.

 leather pants

So here is what i say, TRY new things! You never know you just may like it!

Leather leggings

It’s in the Details

 style blog

Since i am a mother of 3 kids i do like to have good options for casual and comfy looks. I run around all day so that is a essential part of my wardrobe.


There is nothing like a great shirt with a great pop of color with an AMAZING woven back detail. This look is simple yet it has a surprise detail on the back which makes your look a little more modern and not just a “MOM” outfit. details make all the difference!

Statement necklaces

Anyone that knows me hardly ever sees me without a type of necklace. It just helps bring a outfit together so nicely. This necklace is so Beautiful. It helps balance this into sophistication while your still casual, comfy and chasing your kiddos ;)


Simple Elegance

Fashion blogger

I’d say my style Is on the elegant/sophisticated side. That is more of who i am. I enjoy details and statement pieces but yet simple.

cute outfit post

Cute modest clothing

I think this outfit is a perfect combination of what is me. Can’t go wrong with a solid comfy knit pencil skirt with a lovely chiffon style top with a Surprise cascading detail in the back.

Statement necklace

When wearing a simple look I always add a statement Piece to my outfit like this beautiful layered necklace, It adds elegance and a little drama to the outfit. I just love it.

Pencil Skirt
Statement Necklace

Zigging it

fun fall prints

I am 3 weeks postpartum and what i really love about this top is that it’s very flattering to my body at this stage.  This top is like a nice sweater type blend, It’s light and since it has a doleman look to it, It’s a little lose on the arms and torso area which hides the little things you would like to hide ;)
The pattern is a lovely Zig Zag, it has burgundy and cream tones which is great for fall.

Love this Fashion blog and chevron top!

I styled these with Dark Jean/Jeggings. They are the most flattering and stretchy bottoms you will ever own. I recommend this blend type because it’s very forgiving and flattering. If your like me, You know how hard it is to find that perfect pair of jeans, they either fit nice on the waste but are baggy in the butt or legs or they are too long or short. These Bottoms you don’t even have to worry about that at all. They fit like a glove and that is what you want.

chevron zig zag top

I accessorized with a long necklace that i thought would be perfect for this season and a cute little headband to pull the look together. I love how this entire out fit turned out. Comfy, flattering and Modest.

Chevron top

Something about fall


Something about fall that makes us look forward to the hot drinks, cozy boots and shopping for certain items to be the staple of the season. Fall Is a great time of year where you can mix textures, colors, patterns and accessories. This out fit has it all! It has leather, It has color and it has accessories. Absolutely a fun little number for this weather.


One of my favorite things is this jacket. It’s made out of cotton and spandex so it’s really stretchy and warm, it looks fantastic un zipped and zipped up. The back of this jacket is really lovely too.


Fall isn’t shy at all when sneaking up to you. So don’t be shy about accessorizing. I found that adding accessories to your outfit really makes it stand out. It makes it go from cute to FAB in seconds with just that little tweak. So remember ladies accessories are your friend!

You can find this entire outfit at
V-neck tee
Leather Leggings


Guest Fashionista: Night Chayde

Hey guys! I was so excited to be guest posting for you today! Make sure you come to to see the look Mariel put together!

The weather has been dropping! It was super cold Saturday. But it was such an enjoyable weekend. We got to listen to Conference, and just relax. We had my nieces birthday party, and my hubby’s mom had a dinner at her house for her Birthday. It is so nice to be around family. I love this type of cold however, because I love nice baggy sweaters. Especially this one from Sexy Modest Boutique! I also have one in cream. They are so very comfortable and I love them!! These jeans also from Sexy Modest are the Flying Monkey jeans and they are by far the most comfortable pair I have ever owned!

Shoes: Ruby Bloom Boutique via c/o To Adorn
Necklace: c/o Keep It Close
Earrings: Rue 21

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Can never go wrong with a Maxi dress

Modest Blue maxi Dress

Maxi Dresses are probably one of my favorite things to wear. They are Modest, easy to style and they are very comfortable. This dress is probably my favorite so far because of it’s cinch detail around the waist making you look slimmer (who doesn’t like that? ha!) and i just love this color, Very elegant. These dresses can be worn all year round so that is another Plus to own it! I styled this dress with a printed light weight scarf, The color is just such a great combo with the blue color for this fall. Absolutely one of my favorite outfits.

blue modest maxi dress

modest dress

maxi dress modest

You can purchase this outfit at SexyModest.
Maxi Dress


Styling With Camo


fall10Camo Is a really Hot Item this Fall and of course i had to get into the wagon and can i just say how much i LOVE this jacket? One of the things with camo is that you can dress it up or down. All i know i am fully enjoying this trend and i can’t wait to try other fun things with it.



It’s been really great to have this little guy this past 2 weeks. Night time seems not to be a battle anymore. Everyday he seems to be sleeping longer and when he sleeps more means mommy get’s to sleep more. So of course i love that.


I styled this outfit with a basic v neck, Camo jacket and some dark jeggings.
I’d say it’s a great outfit for a mother of 3 kiddos ;)


You can find this outfit at SexyModest.
Camo Jacket

SexyModest Team