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Affiliate Program

Thank you For your Interest in Joining SexyModest Affiliate Program! The following is the information about the program and how commission works!

What do we do?

We are a company that promotes that you can dress sexy AND modest. We offer adorable women’s clothing all under $50 with ALWAYS-FREE-SHIPPING. What’s not to love right?!?

Does it Cost money?

It’s FREE for YOU & refreshing-fun for YOUR READERS. We have an amazing NEW affiliate program that PAYS YOU for telling your readers about SexyModest. Plus a few extra PERKS just for YOU!

Take a moment to browse us to see just how fabulous we really are :-) (as if adorable clothing under $50 and FREE SHIPPING wasn’t reason enough) It’s not too hard to get excited about sharing the SexyModest idea with people that LOVE and follow you.

How it works.

Our affiliate program is setup by We provide you code to add to your sidebar that will create a nice looking add/portal for your followers to click on and purchase. (setup time for you takes less than a minute and you’re ready to go). You receive your commission check from shareasale once a month. You are paid for all items that are purchased as a result of your promotion.
The BEST News For YOU…

You will receive an amazing 12% commission on every dollar spent! Yes, we know 12% is high. We have decided to pay you 2.5 times MORE than the national average of what retail establishments normally do. As you get to know us, you will find that our #1 priority is to make sure YOU and your clientele are always receiving the VIP treatment. Don’t take my word for it here… as our affiliate YOU will receive a 50% discount on any item you choose so you can see the process, quality and speediliness (yes, it’s a new word, I checked :-) ) of SexyModest Boutique. Every time you choose to specifically blog and promote SexyModest, we will extend an additional discount to your followers for a limited time. (This really gives your sales a boost)

You will also be sent access to our FABULOUS promotional tools (youtube videos, pictures, emails & text promotions) as they become available. This will make your life simple and help keep your followers up to date on the latest and greatest from SexyModest. We want to make it EASY for you to keep promoting us and making great money. You can count on us to work hard for YOU and your followers as we can’t be successful unless YOU are.

Please NOTE: That by becoming a affiliate we will provide the tools needed for you to become successful when they become available. We know that through the tools and promotions we provide it will help you become successful.

You can begin by submitting your info here. It’s easy and just takes a minute.

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