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Contouring/highlighting Basics tutorial

Highlight and contouring tutorial

To have that flawless look is really simple to do. No magic. All you need is 3 products for contouring and highlighting and best of all they are your generic brand so no need to spend lots of $$$ on makeup.

Here is my top 3 generic brand that i use for contouring and highlighting my face.

contour basics makeup

1- N.Y.C Cover stickĀ 
2- Wet n Wild Coloricon Bronzer
3- Wet n Wild CoverAll Pressed Powder


contouring basics

First You will put foundation all over your face like you normally would. Grab that NYC Cover stick and apply a generous amount under your eyes-Middle of your forehead – On your Brow Bone – Front of nose – above your lip – and on the middle of your chin.
Once you did that BLEND!

With a contouring Brush Apply the Bronzer under your cheek bone – Temples and Jaw bone.

Now for the finale of Contouring and Highlighting is Applying The Pressed powder all over your face with the powder brush and you will have successfully highlighted and contoured your lovely face.

Last step is finishing your makeup like you normally do.

basics of contouring

If you have any questions about this tutorial email me at:

SexyModest Team

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  1. great info! I’ve been working on learning to contour a while so this is so helpful!

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