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Guest Fashionista: Night Chayde

Hey guys! I was so excited to be guest posting for you today! Make sure you come to to see the look Mariel put together!

The weather has been dropping! It was super cold Saturday. But it was such an enjoyable weekend. We got to listen to Conference, and just relax. We had my nieces birthday party, and my hubby’s mom had a dinner at her house for her Birthday. It is so nice to be around family. I love this type of cold however, because I love nice baggy sweaters. Especially this one from Sexy Modest Boutique! I also have one in cream. They are so very comfortable and I love them!! These jeans also from Sexy Modest are the Flying Monkey jeans and they are by far the most comfortable pair I have ever owned!

Shoes: Ruby Bloom Boutique via c/o To Adorn
Necklace: c/o Keep It Close
Earrings: Rue 21

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