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Statement Jewelry Part 1: NECKLACES

LADIES, we all know that Jewelry are what make an outfit AN outfit. Since i am a mother on the run at all times my outfit of choice is a tee with comfy jeans, well If your like me sometimes you just don’t have time to change your wardrobe so all i do is add a great statement necklace and BAM! there you go! You are all dressed up! And best part is… I didn’t even TRY….
Here is my little list of must haves:
This combo is HOT right now, It has the chunky look, stones and the GOLD chain that goes with pretty much anything. I choose Blue Since my wardrobe collection goes great with that blue color. Perfect to go with a plain white tee, Aztec prints and neon colors.
Nautical is VERY trendy right now especially this summer. Statement necklaces don’t always have to have a “Bib” look to it. Sometimes simple is the staple to your outfit, Just like this long Anchor necklace. You gotta love the nautical colors!
Another TREND ALERT! Flower necklaces are in!
I enjoy this necklace very much, It’s probably my go to date necklace because of the pastels and romantic look it has to it. Best of all this necklace absolutely gives you compliments.Don’t be afraid to incorporate colors! Colors and geometric lines are your friend just like these other favs!

I used to not wear very much jewelry until recently. I didn’t realize what i was missing out and how jewelry can make so much difference to your wardrobe!
If you ever need help with how to put outfits together go to and they have endless examples of how to put outfits, prints and jewelry together.

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