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Styling With Camo


fall10Camo Is a really Hot Item this Fall and of course i had to get into the wagon and can i just say how much i LOVE this jacket? One of the things with camo is that you can dress it up or down. All i know i am fully enjoying this trend and i can’t wait to try other fun things with it.



It’s been really great to have this little guy this past 2 weeks. Night time seems not to be a battle anymore. Everyday he seems to be sleeping longer and when he sleeps more means mommy get’s to sleep more. So of course i love that.


I styled this outfit with a basic v neck, Camo jacket and some dark jeggings.
I’d say it’s a great outfit for a mother of 3 kiddos ;)


You can find this outfit at SexyModest.
Camo Jacket

SexyModest Team

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  1. Cute outfit! Your little bundle of joy is adorable!!

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