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Yes, Leather Leggings!

 fashion stylist blog

It sure is hard to get out of your comfort zone and try new things and this was one of them. So Ladies, Yes, I did it. I am Wearing LEATHER Leggings. This is actually out of my comfort zone but can tell you i am converted. They actually look good on me and i Love it! They are so much fun and go with really anything! I can’t wait to wear these leggings with a chambray shirt and tunic tops! You can have so much fun with these, I know i will!


Fall Boots

modest fashion

This Jacket is Motorcycle Inspired so it has the fun patches and zipper details which i love for the look i am going for. It’s also pretty warm because of the material for this Utah weather.

 leather pants

So here is what i say, TRY new things! You never know you just may like it!

Leather leggings

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  1. You are right, you look stunning! The leggings are awesome!!
    Stopping by from

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